📷:  Hyona N , Fuji X100T

📷: Hyona N, Fuji X100T

CJOBJ on Disposable Kodak Power Shot

Right off the bat, our intention was to allow our friends and families to enjoy the day. To experience, instead of being overtly immersed in documenting which has become so commonplace in the current digital age. The mechanics of 35mm film helped us remove that natural impulse of quality checking every single photo through a screen, my wife and I included. Crooked smiles and un-expecting subjects, that was the aesthetic we were shooting for.

As a photographer for multiple weddings in the past, I often felt that unless the photographer was highly charismatic, there would always be this level of divide between the attendees and the photographer. The construct of having an outsider document intimate moments of strangers was where I felt the pit fall of generic wedding photos came from. We successfully bypassed that conundrum and the photos turned out beautifully. Misaligned and out of focus, organic. It was everything my wife and I wanted and we hope you enjoy the photos.

Contributors, Marc Tan, Gavin Sim, Hyona N, Farza, Josh, The Bad Bitches.

kodak Wedding

It's my wedding!

My wife and I gave out disposable 35mm Kodak cameras to our friends and families to help us relive our special day through their eyes.

The Union of Candice Judith & Eugene OBJ. Singapore, 25 June 2017. The Sultan, Singapore.