Post Election, NYC 2016

As a visitor to the big apple, I felt compelled to understand the emotions that were running through New Yorkers when Trump won the 2016 elections. Protests were organized all across the United States and I headed down to Union Square to see for myself and experience the city during these trying times. Thousands of protesters marched from Union Square to Trump Towers to express their distain.

New York is upset, but we’re upset together. 


Post Election, NYC 2016

Post Election March. Union Square to Trump Towers, New York City.

Dangerous Fest, Singapore 2016

The hardcore music community in Singapore has been one that I have been following for almost over a decade now, it was were my interest in photography and videography stemmed from. I always felt that there was always a story to tell.

Before I got to the venue I knew that I wanted to showcase the event, but not with the headlining bands. Instead, I wanted to focus on the hardcore community itself, the audience. The kids who show up and make the festival possible.


Dangerous Festival. 7 January 2016. Aliwal Arts Center, Singapore.