DEAR New York

Web design

Dear New York draws attention to the physical characteristics of New York City through visual storytelling utilizing data and a digital interface. The site of which this project focuses on is central Manhattan, characterized by flashing lights and emergency sirens; pedestrian puddles as well as the number of compulsory steps one has to take to get to ground level from underground subway stations. These obstacles of the city physically affect our daily behavior in qualifiable measures. These issues often get swept under the rug as a problem for someone else, for another time. There is an unhealthy nonchalant attitude of micro exclusion that neglects the less fortunate.

Dear New York is a complaint generator aimed at facilitating civic engagement for the disabled community of New York. A complaint generator designed to streamline the process of filing complaints against the city while utilizing crowd sourced data to flood the inboxes of city officials aimed at accelerating accessibility. Generating shared frustrations into actionable change.

Follow this link to Dear New York

This project was designed on Adobe InDesign CC and prototyped on XD.